11 Questions

Over the year just gone I’ve been given several blog awards and utterly failed to do anything about them. For the record thanks very much to those of you that thought of me. It was noticed even if I didn’t say anything at the time.

Prolific blogger / writer and all round lovely, John Wiswell was the last to send something my way and while I probably won’t be ‘sending’ anything on (most of the people I’d have chosen have already been included), I rather fancied answering the questions he posed.


1. If you were given sheltered time tonight to watch any one movie, during which no one would walk in, call, or text to bother you, what would you pick?

Tricky. Just one? I love The Dark Knight. But then I also love Empire Strikes Back. Oh, and The Princes Bride is wonderful too. Hmm, if pushed I’ll go with Flash Gordon. Hail Ming!


2. What’s the last book that left you envying the writer?

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.


3. What did you envy about that book?

He spends about three paragraphs describing some sunlight and they’re all great!


4. What’s your favorite phone call that you’ve ever received?

Not sure about received. My favourite one I made is the one where Emma agreed to go out with me.


5. What is the most recent food you couldn’t resist?

Cave aged cheddar and onion relish on crackers.


6. What is the sickest burn anyone has ever laid on you?

A friend (you know who you are!) once accused me of looking (and dancing) like 'H' from Steps.


7. What is the sickest burn you’ve ever laid on someone else?

I once turned a debate against the speaker by making an off topic comment about their appearance. They were 11 years old. I was 16. Not my proudest moment.


8. Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you more violent? Can you recall an instance?

BBC News often makes me violent. The quality of reporting is so poor.


9. Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you kinder? Can you recall an instance?

Yes. When playing Fable 2 & 3 I found the evil choices so disturbing that it made me always want to play nice.


10. You’ve got a friend named ‘John’ who tends to listen to musicians one song at a time, and dislikes albums. You’ve got a band you want him to try. What song do you recommend first?

‘John’ should try listening to ‘Hard To Be Close’ from the album ‘A Different Ship’ by Here We Go Magic.


11. The ghost of a loved one is going to try to communicate with you through a car stereo. It’s all that was available at the time, don’t judge. You don’t have to tell us who it is or what they wanted to say, but you do have to tell us what the song would be.

I think the song would be the one they made of Baz Luhrmann’s speech: ‘Sunscreen’ .

4 responses to “11 Questions

  1. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this with us. Side note, Here We Go Magic is quickly growing on me. 🙂

  2. I think that 'John' rather liked Here We Go Magic. He also loves their name and chants it to annoy his family now.

    Your BBC outrage depresses me since the BBC Nightly News we get here is easily one of the most professional and thorough news programs. U.S. media has serious issues.

    • Yay! 'John' is clearly a man of discerning taste.

      Don't know about BBC Nightly News but BBC breakfast news is often very irritating!

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