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I write, I run, I sometimes pretend to be a butler…

The Vagrant Series (Harper Voyager):
The Vagrant
The Hammer and the Goat (short story)
The Malice
The Vagrant and the City (short story)
The Seven (Coming 2017)

Co-writer of the Hugo nominated and Alfie winning Tea and Jeopardy podcast

Writer for the Albion Online MMO


Winner of the 2016 David Gemmell Morningstar Award!

Find me on Twitter: @runpetewrite

Represented by Juliet Mushens.


The following things were said by other people about me. They have all been true at some point:

He’s a real gent!

He raises procrastination to an art form.

He plays his cards close to his chest.

In his eyes was the mischief of the world, he bound trouble with well woven emptiness, and with almost nothing before or behind him made an iron reputation (and a good one!) in the wide world.

He’s a good pupil. I don’t think he should take art for GCSE.

He’s like a giant puppy.

[He's a] magnificent bastard!

He is quite lengthy.

Not the one that did Tygra in Thundercats. The other Peter Newman

The Novel Whisperer

[He's a] random cove


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34 responses to “About Pete

  1. The Vagrant was name checked in this just-published interview with Mieneke van der Salm of A Fantastical Librarian:

  2. Hi Peter,

    I have just finished the Vagrant and writing up a review, so I was wondering if you had the time for a quick email interview?


    Fergus McCartan

  3. Jason Williams

    Hi Pete,

    I buy, sell and trade signed novels in the sci/fi-fantasy genre. I would like to get around 10 or so signed copies of The Vagrant. If you would be willing email me and maybe we can work something out. I'll give you all the details when you email me.


  4. Hey Peter, greetings from South Africa. 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that 'The Vagrant' will be hitting our shores in June – I'm a bookseller and fellow SFF writer, so I'm really looking forward to your debut. 🙂

    Be EPIC!
    Dave-Brendon de Burgh recently posted..Excerpt from Book 2 of The Mahaelian ChronicleMy Profile

  5. Hey Pete,
    All the very best for your book launch.. kick that sales ranking's arse!


  6. Hi Peter,
    Books like the Vagrant are now sadly few and far between, don't stop writing my boy you certainly have a talent! I look forward to the next installment. Thank you for an excellent read!

  7. Hello Peter, I was wondering if you would be free for an interview for my book blog, on your thought process and approach to writing and general procrastination techniques?

  8. Benn Cathcart

    My Gosh!!! Just finished 'The Vagrant' I can't believe how amazing this book is!! I picked it up in the new releases in my local library and now I think I'll go off and buy the amazing book! I want to congradulate you on an phenomenal book! I really would like to know how your ideas came to be and your fabulous, unique and exquisite descriptive techniques!! I really think that you are an unique writer and very inspirational for a beginner writer like me! Thanks again
    – Benn

  9. My name is Jessica Park, 18 from Portsmouth, and my boyfriend, 19, (not so coincidentally) is called Peter Newman. Understanding that this will not be the most uncommon of names, I have decided to collect for Peter (my boyfriend) a message from various others that share his name. This is where I hope you can help me? Just a short message in reply to this email with some words of inspiration or a favourite quote would make a big difference in my project.

    If you do not wish to participate this is absolutely fine or on the off case you’d like more information please feel free to contact me whenever.

    Thanks for any help you might give and thank you for simply reading my message

    • Well, I never saw this coming! I don't know if you know this but the guy who voiced Tygra in the Thundercats cartoon is also called Peter Newman. As for a message… hmmm… tricky. How about: 'Be nice to Jessica.'

      Good luck with the project.

  10. We are an independent bookseller that specializes in signed and collectible titles. Is there a chance you'd sign THE VAGRANT for us when it releases in April? I'm placing my orders with HarperCollins and wanted to get a confirmation from you before proceeding.

  11. Hello Pete, all best wishes from Germany. Is there a way to buy a signed copy of Vagrant somewhere?

  12. Hm, thanks for these, but unfortunately only Forbidden Planet has copies and those are paperback, rather looking for hardbacks. But surely will find something on Abebooks. At least I ordered a signed copy of The Malice from Goldsboro – funny, was the last copy!
    Thanks again for trying, best DB

    • I'm thrilled to hear the last copy has sold already! 😀 They've gone even faster than The Vagrant did. If Abebooks can't help you, give me a shout. I am certain we can find a way to get you a signed hardback.

  13. Hi Pete, I really enjoyed listening to The Vagrant from Audible.com here in the States. Was really interested in purchasing the sequel, The Malice, but only see it's available for Audible.co.uk. Will the audiobook version ever be released in the U.S?

    • Hi Stephen. I've asked Harper US about this, will let you know when I hear something. Glad to hear you enjoyed the book!

  14. Hey Peter,

    I'm a moderator of the /r/Fantasy subreddit, and we'd love to have you come by to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Q&A session. We're one of the biggest speculative fiction forums on the web, and we'd love to have you!

    Shoot me an email if you're interested.

  15. Hi Peter,

    I've just finished with review of The Vagrant for Vaseliteratura.cz – czech magazine about the literature. We would love to do an interview with you. Would you mind to answer a few e-mail questions?

    If interested, please send me an e-mail.


  16. Hey Peter, I am saying this as a huge fan of your first book 'The Vagrant'. I loved it so much, I've never read a book quite like that before and it was phenomenal! But, the 2nd book swears a lot and I know you can't change it now, but I was hoping that you might not use so much language in your future novels because Im

  17. not willing to buy more books if they continue like 'The Malice'. I really did enjoy your 1st bok though.

    • Hi Ben. First off, it's lovely to hear you loved The Vagrant. It's funny the things that can turn a reader off a book. For some its swearing, for others its sex or violence (especially towards domestic animals it seems), for others it can be things like the font size or the tense. I'm genuinely fascinated that the thing that bothered you was not the miserable world, possession, torture, mass slaughter, mutation, etc.

      Anyway, your post got me thinking about my other books and how much / little swearing they have. So with the caveat that my brain is deep in other worlds at the moment (so I may have forgotten!), here's a rough guide:

      The Vagrant – (as you know) mild swearing.
      The Hammer and the Goat – mild/less swearing than The Vagrant.
      The Malice – Two minor characters swear frequently when they are together, including swearing in a sexual context.
      The Vagrant and the City – swearing similar to The Vagrant. Mainly one character, infrequent, and used to dress down another.
      The Seven – same/less frequency as in The Vagrant.

      Hope that helps.

  18. Hi Peter,

    I would like to enquire into arranging a personal appearance with you at our upcoming Geek Fest 3.0 event this 1st and 2nd July at the Heartlands Project, Cornwall?

    If this event is of interest please do get in touch and I can provide more details.

    Thank you for your time

    Heartlands, Cornwall

  19. Have just finished "the malice" absolutely brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for "the seven".
    One thing has been bugging me though. Who is Jem and why does he dislike the vagrant? Keep up the good work I look forward to the upcoming books!

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