Apologies (a guest post by Icy Sedgwick)

Today the blog is being graced by writer, Friday Flash regular and funky northerner, Icy Sedgwick.


Icy Sedgwick

This is Icy Sedgwick

Have you ever met a writer who almost seemed apologetic about their own work? Or are you a writer who tells people that your book is “a horror, but it’s all a bit silly really”? Stop apologising for your own work.


When I told people a year ago that I had a book coming out, I was naturally asked the question "What's it about?" When I replied that The Guns of Retribution was a Western, I met either a lukewarm "Oh that's nice", coloured heavily with disinterest, or "I don't read Westerns". It actually hurts to have someone who previously enjoyed your writing dismiss your latest book based solely on its genre – I started wishing I'd written a horror or fantasy story since that's what people knew me for. Trouble was, it got to the point where I started apologising for the fact it was a Western, as if I was pre-empting the disinterest. It got so bad that I didn't think people would care, solely because it was a Western.


And this is very enjoyable, go read it!

I know Westerns aren't particularly fashionable. Unless you can shoehorn aliens or Jeff Bridges into one, a Western is seen as something staid or outdated. They're no more or less formulaic than romantic comedies, thrillers or horror, and yet we're still inundated with those. I think what surprised me was the number of people who absolutely loved the True Grit remake…but still won't entertain the notion of reading a Western. In essence, Westerns are simply a specialised form of historical fiction – but would I have any more success if I described it as a historical story?


After a while, I almost didn't want to tell people about The Guns of Retribution. I suppose it didn't help that most people I talked to were from the UK, and there isn't a massive appetite here for the Western. So why the sudden change of heart? Well, 10 September marked the one year anniversary of Guns coming out, and I wanted to tell people about it. I've altered what I've been saying so that I now describe The Guns of Retribution as a pulp adventure set in the Old West, which I think is a better description of its content than simply calling it a Western. But I've had an epiphany. I can't keep apologising for a book I'm essentially very proud of. I've had positive reviews, and people asking for a sequel. Readers have warmed to my bounty hunter, Grey O'Donnell, and want more.


Thing is, you have to own your writing, and you have to be unashamed to talk about it. There are so many other books out there, and so many people doing the same thing – if you won't champion your own writing, who will?



Bio – Icy Sedgwick was born in the North East of England, and is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She has been writing with a view to doing so professionally for over ten years, and has had several stories included in anthologies, including Short Stack and Eighty-Nine. She teaches graphic design and spends her non-writing time working on a PhD in Film Studies. Icy had her first book, a Western named The Guns of Retribution, published through Pulp Press in September 2011.


My blog – http://blog.icysedgwick.com

Find me on Twitter @icypop

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/miss.icy.sedgwick

Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/Icy_Sedgwick

Buy The Guns of Retribution – http://www.amazon.com/dp/1908544007/


I should add that I reviewed The Guns of Retribution some time ago. If you'd like to read it or see what other folk said about it, click here.

7 responses to “Apologies (a guest post by Icy Sedgwick)

  1. Bravo! Great post.
    I suspect I am a little guilty of this too. When people ask what I write I tend to cough and splutter a bit and eventually whisper "fantasy" in a tiny voice. Which is daft, because I LOVE fantasy, and have all sorts of naughty words for people who sneer at it, but I worry about what non-fantasy readers assume the word means. I can see "Harry Potter" and "Elves" flashing in front of their eyes, and while I love both those things, they are no where near what I write.

  2. Great post!
    It has made me think about how I describe my writing.
    As a relatively new writer, my particular niche is short, or very short, fiction. I find two things happening.
    First I become rather apologetic that I do not write novels (and probably never will), and second I find myself describing my stories using vaguely disparaging words like 'strange', 'weird' or worst of all 'quirky'.
    I guess I need to listen to myself and 'get all NLP' on the descriptions that I use for something that I take very seriously and, in any event, enjoy a great deal.
    Finally I need to remember that I write the best stories that I can at present and am working to improve; but that, having nothing to sell, I do it to please myself really.

  3. Wow, I've totally done this. Heck I almost did with u in brief conversation we had on twitter a few days ago.. I think I've even taken it a step further and almost apologized to people for being a 'wanna-be' writer. Like since I don't have anything officially published that I shouldn't even make the claim or that somehow it's dirty to 'admit' to it. The inner-critic coming up front and center I think. He's gotta be the worst enemy of the writer/author.

  4. Heeeeeeey, Peter. Been a while! Wanted to say hello, ask how the thing are et cetera.

    Also great guest post, Icy. I liked the frank approach (and openness) you have and to see a fellow Brit writing a western is all kinds of awesome. I dabbled myself a couple of times (shorts, nothing published like yourself) and I loved scratching them down. I did invite the supernatural into mine, but that's because I'm obsessed with something 'off' always being in my stories. I tried a pulpy approach to another story, but it turned into more of a parody of something starring Bruce Campbell (both awesome, and not), go figure.

    Anyway, congrats on the publication, the interest and for not worrying about how to define what you write. It is what it is, and sometimes that defies explanation!

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