“Pretend it’s an apple. Now, close your eyes and put it to your mouth. That’s it. Your teeth are pressing on firm green skin. Good. You feel a little resistance? That’s natural. Keep going until it splits. There!”

I clear my throat.

“Don’t worry, that’s sweet juice running down your chin. Best to keep your eyes closed and imagine wonderful flavours. Now bite off a chunk and enjoy, but whatever you do, don’t stop chewing.”

I see something pink, waving like a baby’s finger.

“The problem with apples,” I say, fighting back the bile. “Is that worms like them too.”

13 responses to “Apple?

  1. In my head, up until the final line, I thought you were describing a conversation between a seasoned cannibal and a nervous first timer…

  2. I thought the same as Icy!
    But worms, ew. (Now what does it say about me that worms make me go ew, but not potential cannibalism…?)

  3. Yeah, I read it as lewd. Like a sick come-on from the Hulk. I think cannibalism would have been easier to stomach. I probably shouldn't be admitting this interpretation in public.

  4. Same as Icy, thought they were eating people.

  5. Actually, I read it the same as John. Either way, ew!

  6. Apple or worm, it's foooooood.

    People get squirmy when thinking about eating certain things, but given the necessary level of starvation anything that moves, and most things that don't, will get eaten.

    Nice squwormy story Peter. 🙂

  7. I love the fact everyone's so cool about cannibalism!

  8. And here I am eating while reading… Thank God I ain't squeamish!

    I kinda had this vision of Bear Grylls, you know in some previous or future life.

  9. Hmm, if they had to pretend it was an apple, then what was it? This had an eerie feel to it, especially the line about the baby's finger.

  10. One of the books I'm currently reading has cannibals in it. That made it far too easy for me to imagine it really is a baby's finger. [shudder]

  11. That gave me a physical shudder. Not sure if they're practising cannibalism, but it's still moving and it's disgusting, which is good enough (bad enough?) for me.

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