Are We There Yet?

Yesterday I finished the first draft of Mountainless 2. It was really hard. I’ve always known exactly how the main plot was going to end; it was like somebody beamed a film of it directly into my head (thanks to whoever did that btw). However the final scenes of the book where we say goodbye to characters and tie up loose ends were much less forthcoming.

In hindsight I think I was a bit resistant to writing them. At first I couldn’t understand why. I’ve been gagging to finish this story for what feels like ages now. It’s been hanging over me, demanding to be finished. A lot of the time I’ve been driven to write but suddenly as the end was in sight I stalled.

The ending(s) felt more pressured than normal, like it had to be amazing or else the whole thing is a failure (probably some truth in that).

But that wasn’t the real trouble…

You see up to this point nobody else has seen a page of Mountainless 1 or 2. Not a single sentence. Finishing the draft means I need to start editing and that’s only a whisker* away from having to show it to *gasp* other people.

And there’s a chance it’s crap.

Up till now my fantasies about how great it might be have all been unchallenged and that’s soon coming to an end.

I’m a bit scared about that.

So when I finished the draft I didn’t have a rush of having finished because I know, deep in my heart, that actually all I’ve done is finish the fun, purely creative bit, and now the real work is about to start.


*A very long, arduous, painstaking, editing whisker.