Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser

Booknest has assembled a super team of fantasy authors to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. There will be a lottery and two auctions, with a total of 100 signed and dedicated books to be won! If you are the kind of person that likes to live on the edge and wants to plunge in already then CLICK HERE TO BUY A TICKET!

If not, then details are below.

Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser is a charity project between Readers and Writers.

One hundred Authors have pledged a signed and dedicated copy each, which you can win by joining (donating) our lottery, or later, our auctions. The money that we will manage to raise will then be donated to Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières).

You can join the lottery by donating £1 or more (£1 = 1 ticket. If you want to use another currency, feel free to do so. The conversion will be automatically done. £1 = 1.2€ = 1.2$).You have two weeks ahead of you before we draw the winners* on Tuesday 10th January.The following day we will hold the auctions** and keep them running for one week.

To see the full list of the 100 amazing authors that pledged a book to the cause, go to the Booknest website.


*There will be six lucky winners, with each one of them winning a random bunch of 10 signed, dedicated, numbered and with special reference to the Fundraiser, books. (6 winners x10 books = 60 books)

**There will be two separate auctions, with 20 books each (again signed, dedicated, numbered and with special reference to the Fundraiser)

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