First 10K and other new experiences

I ran my first 10K today. I did it in 52 minutes and 41 seconds. The fact that I care about the seconds suggests to me I’m getting serious about this running business.

I have mixed feelings about it. It feels good to have done it and it’s nice to have a medal but I can’t say I enjoyed it particularly (though that may be because it was so very hot!). When I run normally, it feels liberating. I want to run and so I do, preferably when there are as few people about as possible.

Today I felt the need to ‘get a good time’ and I was aware that other runners affected me and my pace. I put pressure on myself to perform well and that took the edge off the fun somewhat.

Still, sitting here now, I feel pleased to have finished. I have a sense of achievement. I also have a peculiar urge to think about half marathons…Weird.

And the other new experiences bit…

I’ve come out from hiding via this blog, which feels shiny and new to me. I’ve started out on twitter and put up my first Friday Flash. (Yes I am quite pleased with myself!)

I’ve been really impressed by the variety of cool people online and how welcoming and helpful they’ve been. I don’t know why but I didn’t expect people to be so warm so quickly.

It’s exciting connecting up and meeting other writers but I also find there’s a pressure there too. A bit like the running, I’ve been writing in a safe little cocoon, just me and my laptop and that’s been lovely. Now though I’m starting to expose what I’ve been up to and that pressure reappears again. I suspect it’s going to be a lot harder to write a flash next week…

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