For the Struggling Creative

We all struggle to do our creative thing sometimes. Might be that life gets in the way, family emergencies, busy jobs or a bad review of what you’ve done that cuts off the flow.

I recently put up a post about a writing funk I’d had, and how much it sucked. I was really moved by the number of you that got in contact across various social media to share your own experiences.

After months of editing, planning, attending to real life (and playing computer games) I finally got down to writing some brand new words yesterday.

It was wonderful!

Don’t get me wrong, plotting is fun and editing has its own rewards. For me however, nothing beats the sense of having made something new.

The point of this post is not to say how great I am for writing something* rather to point out how good it felt. When I was at my lowest, I’d forgotten what it felt like to create, to the point I wasn’t sure I could still do it.

But I could still do it. And when I did, it was worth it.

I think that there’s a constant battle going between our inner saboteur and our inner cheerleader. My inner saboteur has had high level ninja training which can make him a tricky bugger at times.

I do have weapons to deploy against the evil ninja however. One of my lovely online friends once sent me an email that was very positive about one of my WIP’s. I confess to having revisited it regularly as it boosts my spirits. So naturally when I was struggling recently I turned to it for support.

It had gone.

Somehow my evil ninja had deleted it from my phone, and my laptop (including my deleted items folder). Curse you evil ninja!

Hmm, there was a point to this when I started. What was it?

Oh yes, the point is that if you are feeling low and not creating at the moment you may have forgotten just how good it feels. Your inner cheerleader isn’t dead; he’s just waiting for an opportunity to send you the good vibes.

Now I cringe at the idea of giving advice to anybody but *cringe* if you can today, make some time for yourself and do your creative thing. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Those vibes are waiting for you. Go get them!**


*Although between you and me they were pretty cool words.

**And if you can’t, treat yourself to something else.  (Chocolate, ice-cream, a hug perhaps, an Avatar-athon, maybe a Mass Effect play through, so long as it’s nurturing).

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  1. At least in my case, this struggle got easier with experience. Doing the work makes the work easier to do, which seems impossible at first. You'll think about it more and hopefully tinker with it to greater extents, but it's really just like driving. There is a threshold of doing it after which it's just a thing you can do. I believe in you, Pete. You'll cross it.
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