Good things: Child of Light

Although Ubisoft have recently hit the headlines for failing to have a female lead in the latest Assassin’s Creed game, they also brought out an excellent RPG recently called Child of Light, which features amongst other things, a female protagonist. So here, in no particular order and with a minimum of spoilers are some reasons I love this game.


It’s beautiful!

The game looks a treat, I mean, go look at it! The whole thing is a treat for the eyes, from the main characters to the backdrops, to little animations in the scenery as you move through it, every detail appears to have been placed with care.

The music

I love the music. It’s haunting and sad in the main game and dramatic (and a bit earwormy) in the battle sections.

You can fly!

This makes travel fun. It’s really nice being able to zip around and over things and makes exploring effortless.

You have a firefly who helps you explore and fight and looks really cute when it gets tired.

Nuff said.

The battle system

It’s neat. It works on a time system where each action takes a different length of time to complete and that between starting an action and finishing it you are vulnerable to being interrupted. This means that if you play things right you can keep interrupting the enemy, and stopping them from attacking.

It also means that defending is worth doing, something that seems to rarely apply in RPG’s.

Although only two of your party can be on screen at any time, you can swap the party in and out mid battle (a bit like FF10) as often as you like. It’s one of my peeves that most games give you a roster of characters to travel with but only allow you to take a couple of party members into a fight.

It has lots of female characters who are not just love interests

And female villains too.

It’s child friendly

Though I’d advise grown-ups play the game on Expert setting as casual is a bit too easy.

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