Good Things: Dreamwalker

I recently had the pleasure of reading Dreamwalker, the first in a fantasy series by James Oswald. This post is part enthuse, part review, guaranteed spoiler free.

This book has many of the elements you would expect in a fantasy novel: feuding royals, political struggles between different orders, murder, magic, magic swords of light (yay!), dragons, love, villains, heroes and sinister forces moving in the background.

Two things set it apart for me. The first is how little fighting there is and I mean that in a good way. I’ve read a lot of books lately that rely on constant combat to provide the thrills but here it is the characters and the story that draw you in.

The second is the pace of the book. It felt gentle, giving time for me to get attached to the characters and their lives before messing with them. And once it had me, I read through to the end in one sitting.

It was also nice to see Welsh names making an appearance.

So if you fancy something a bit more enchanting and a little less grim, I’d recommend giving it a look.

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