Harper Voyager acquire a third Vagrant book but wait, there's more…

Good News Part 1

I come with glad tidings! Harper Voyager have just acquired the third book in The Vagrant trilogy. It’ll be called The Seven, and will follow on from The Malice which comes out next year.*

Here’s a link to the Bookseller article for those of you who are interested.

I have two main reactions to this. Firstly, joy:

200-4At the risk of sounding horribly cheesy, it really has been a dream come true to be published this year and I am absolutely thrilled that the dream is going to continue.

Secondly, relief:

200-6You see, for a while now I’ve had ideas for a third book and I was terrified that I wasn’t going to get a chance to tell the whole story. I cannot wait to get started on book three!


Now for a quick round of gratitude before I move on to the second piece of news.

A big thanks to the marvellous Natasha Bardon for continuing to believe in the series and to Juliet Mushens who is, as ever, awesome.

And a vast, galaxy crushing (and possibly slightly awkward) hug of gratitude +5 to all of you who have been so supportive of The Vagrant so far, through buying a copy, talking about it, reviewing it, tweeting it, posting about it and whatever else the cool kids do for books they like nowadays.

Without you, this wouldn’t have happened and I’d be a bitter drunk rather than a happy one.

Good News Part 2

In addition to The Seven, Harper Voyager have also commissioned me to write two short stories set in the world of the Vagrant! Details and release dates to follow but for now here are some potential titles**:

The Dark Goat Rises

Goat Hard
Ancillary Goat
Goat of Thorns
Goats Assemble
The G-Team

UPDATE: People have been adding their own suggestions in the comments. Feel free to add your own. There might be a little prize for the best one…

ANOTHER UPDATE: I'll pick a winner and announce it on the blog on the 21st October. So you have until midnight on the 20th to enter.

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*If that was confusing the order is:

The Vagrant
The Malice
The Seven

**Actual title and appearance of goats TBC.

45 responses to “Harper Voyager acquire a third Vagrant book but wait, there's more…

  1. Peter! Couldn't be happier for you. Let me try to help celebrate…

    28 Goats Later
    Goat the 13th
    Goat of Steel
    Tinker Tailor Goat Spy
    The Remains of the Goat
    John Wiswell recently posted..Counting with George (Non-Fiction Fantasy)My Profile

  2. I would also suggest the following

    The Goat, the Bad and the Ugly
    Hard to be a Goat
    American Goats
    Goat Omens
    Gentlemen Prefer Goats

  3. Yet again Congrats(just read the news at Fantasy Faction). I look forward in anticipation to reading the completed tale.

  4. Well this is more fun than working:

    Band of Goats
    A Goat Too Far
    Goat Encounters of the Third Kind
    The Dunwich Goat
    The Goat over Innsmouth
    Goat Kong

    My favourite I think must be 12 Angry Goats

  5. A trilogy! Such good news, congratulations! More goats please …
    The Goatfather
    The Goat of Small Things
    Children of a Lesser Goat
    Goats and Demons
    Thank Goat It's Friday
    Honey I Shrunk The 'Goatchildren'
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour DreamGoat

  6. Congrats on all the news, now for my suggestions… 😉

    Goat Hard.
    Goat Hard 2
    Top Goat.
    Goats of Thunder.
    Young Goats.
    Young Goats 2: Blaze of Glory.
    Mrs Fishers Goat Mysteries.
    Goat Wars: Ep1 The Phantom Goat.
    Goat Wars: Ep2 Attack of The Goats.
    Goat Wars: Ep3 Revenge of The Goats.
    Goat Wars: Ep4 A New Goat.
    Goat Wars: Ep5 The Goat Strikes Back.
    Goat Wars: Ep6 Return of The Goat.
    Goat Wars: Ep7 The Goat Awakwns.

    Or more seriously:
    Day of the Goat.
    Night of the Goat.

    • Well… Goat Hard is in the original post so I can't count that. Top Goat is great however, as is Goats of Thunder. I'll add them to the list. 🙂

  7. It Had to be Goats
    The Goats Must be Crazy

  8. Goatfinger
    On Her Majesty's Secret Goat
    For Your Goat Only
    From Russia with Goats

    Three Men and a Goat
    The Goat in the Woods
    David recently posted..Review – Lost Girl by Adam NevillMy Profile

  9. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Goat

  10. P.S. I Goat You
    Good Goat Hunting
    I am Goat
    The Goat Samurai
    Memoirs of a Goat
    Black Goat Down
    Coach Goat
    Any Given Goat
    A Goat too Far
    Fifty Shades of Goat
    The Goat of All Fears
    Total Goat
    We Goat the Night
    10 things I hate about Goat
    Goat with Benefits

  11. The first rule about Goat Club is you do not talk about Goat Club.

  12. The Goats of Navarone…

  13. Das Goat
    All About Goat
    Y Tu Goat También

  14. Too much fun!

    The Princess Goat
    The Goat Bride
    The Goat of the Jedi
    Goat: Resurrection
    Aliens Vs Goat
    Goat 2: Judgement Day
    Goat Max: Fury Road
    Invasion of the Goat Snatchers
    Goat Trek II: The Wrath of Goat
    Close Encounters of the Goat Kind
    The Hunger Games: Catching Goat

  15. A series would be awesome too:

    A Goat from Uncle
    Goat Nation
    Goat Matter
    The 100 (Goats)
    The Last Goat
    Goat Hall
    Fear the Walking Goat
    Goat Gate

    I want a goat again. Nothing new.

  16. Goat-ixote. (Like Don Quixote, but with goats in place of donkeys.)

  17. Goats of Thunder does have an air of genius about it.

  18. The Goats of Wrath
    Seven Goats for Seven Vagrants

  19. A Fistful of Goats
    The Cook, the Thief, his Goat and her Lover
    Mission Impossible: Goat Nation
    Mission to Goat
    Goat Runner: The Horn Trials

  20. Some fabulous stuff coming in! I already have no idea how I'm going to pick a winner. Keep 'em coming! 😀

  21. Charlie & the chocolate goat
    Fantastic Mr Goat
    Diary of a wimpy Goat
    Get your goat… You've pulled
    The way of goats
    A Dance with Goats
    A Feast for Goats
    A Storm of Goats
    A Clash of Goats
    A Game of Goats
    Goat Hall
    Goat with the wind
    The name of the Goat
    The Wise man's Goat
    Interview with a Goat
    Goat cemetary
    I feel I could goat on forever

  22. The Handmaid's Goat
    The Goat's Handbook (v3.5 of course)
    The Man in the Long Black Goat
    The Long Way to a Small Angry Goat
    Steven Poore recently posted..426 Pages of Epic Fantasy Goodness!My Profile

  23. Nine Goats in Amber
    The Goats of Avalon
    Sign of the Goat
    The Goat of Oberon
    The Goats of Chaos
    Paul Weimer recently posted..MeMy Profile

  24. Do Androids Dream of Electric Goats should have been on there too.
    Steven Poore recently posted..426 Pages of Epic Fantasy Goodness!My Profile

  25. Julia Knight/Francis Knight

    As instructed, posting this here

    Big Trouble in Little Goat. Are you ready, Goat? I was *born* ready
    The Goat Redemption
    Citizen Goat
    Schindler's Goat
    Fellowship of the Goat, the Two Goats and Return of the Goat
    Fight Goat (Or Goat Club)
    Forrest Goat
    Silence of the Goats
    It's a Wonderful Goat
    Raiders of the Lost Goat
    Apocalypse Goat (Actually I really like that one.)

  26. Some 80's Goat

    The Breakfast Goat
    Pretty in Goat
    St. Elmo's Goat
    Ferris Goat's Day Off
    Sixteen Goats
    Raiders of the Lost Goat
    Top Goat

  27. I'm noticing a few ideas getting repeated. It only counts if you're the first to put it forward.

  28. My cousin is struggling to get her comment up so I'm putting it here on her behalf:

    Goat Almighty.

  29. Here are my suggestions for the book titles:
    The goat fights back
    The goat with no name
    and my favourite
    Goat The real heroine

  30. another one:
    The troublesome goat

  31. Goat Actually
    Notting Goat
    Goats Of The Galaxy
    Iron Goat
    The Incredible Goat
    Goat Lantern
    The League Of Extraordinary Goats
    Goat The Slayer
    The Goat Crystal
    The Running Goat
    The Sound Of Goats
    Goat Fiction
    Fear and Goating in Las Vegas
    Gone Goat
    Mad Goat: Fury Road
    Jurassic Goat
    Goats In Black
    How To Train Your Goat
    Goats Of The Caribbean
    Pete's Goat
    The Goat Job
    The Goatfather
    A Fistful of Goats
    Goat on the Roof
    The Goat and I
    A Goat Too Far
    Saturday Night Goat
    All The President's Goats
    Demolition Goat
    Goat Rider
    The Goats of Hazzard
    You've Goat Mail
    Remains Of the Goat
    Only Goats Left Alive
    Let The Right Goat In

  32. Cound go all Latinesque… try
    The Night Caper
    (Goat = Caper in Latin…)

  33. A Goat of nine tales.

    Or simply 'Gertrude'

    How about 'The Nanny'


  34. The Vagrant, the Son and the Holy Goat.

    (also… Super congratulations! You know how much I loved The Vagrant (and the goat), and I can't wait to get my hands on more. *^_^* )

  35. She of the cloven hoof (hooves)
    Food or foe

    Jenny recently posted..How to sell your books online – ReviewsMy Profile

  36. The Borrowers Agoat

  37. The Goats of Babylon
    The silence of goats
    Consider Goat
    The way of the Goat
    Goats are my destiny
    The planet of the Goats
    Fall of Goats
    The world without Goat
    50 shades of Goat
    American Goats
    The painted Goat
    Goat! Goat!
    Stainless Steel Goat
    The Goatmakers
    A night without Goat
    The Goat rule

    Now, I know some of those are probably duplicates and it's too late to enter, but I just couldn't help myself from chippin' in. Congratulations on the deal. And hoping to get my copy signed sometime soon!

  38. can't let go

    The borrowers astoat


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