Hospitals, Hugos and episode 18 of Tea and Jeopardy

As you may already know Em had to go into hospital recently, came out and then went back again with a post op fever. Because of this I’ve spent a lot of time going to and from hospital.*

This has largely sucked.

A few things I noticed. The staff were generally excellent and doing a fine job, especially considering how few of them there were! The shortages were really noticeable when there was any problem that wasn’t urgent. And even urgent needs were slow to be met sometimes.** But to stay on the positive, the doctors and nurses were clearly doing their best and were always reasonable, patient and kind.

Constantly having to pay money to park when I never knew how long I’d need began to irk me. It just seems wrong to have to pay to park at the hospital. I see why it’s necessary of course, but still.

Also, the hospital was woeful at providing gluten free options. One time all Em got was the fish option without the fun bits and another time she was given a gluten free ham roll*** that only provided 50 calories and that was supposed to be an evening meal.

In other news…

<Takes deep breath>

Tea and Jeopardy has been nominated for a Hugo award in the best fancast category!

This is amazing and both Emma and I are as delighted as we are surprised. Big thanks to everyone who got us nominated. It’s especially flattering given how high quality the competition is.

Also, on the subject of saying thank you, our Patreon campaign is nearly at its next milestone and it’s a particularly fun one. Fingers crossed we make it soon. If you’re interested, the link is here.

Given the madness mentioned earlier I’ve been a little lax mentioning Episode 18: A chat with Emma Vieceli. It’s a great episode that includes amateur dramatics, comic illustration and the power of doilies. Check it out here.


*And a trip to Bristol Zoo for the Bean’s birthday. He’s 7 now. Where does the time go, eh?

**One woman was due results to urgent tests within 30 mins. They were  sent of at 3.45pm. She still hadn't received them at 10.00pm.

***If you haven’t ever eaten one, it tastes a bit like cardboard.

4 responses to “Hospitals, Hugos and episode 18 of Tea and Jeopardy

  1. So sorry to hear about what you have both been going through. My wife went through something similar a few years ago (operation, home, infection, more hospital) and was also in a couple of years ago with a broken leg and it is very wearing, especially with children to consider. I recognize the hospital/ staffing thing – last time, my teenage son, visiting, ended up running errands (fetching water, opening/ closing curtains) for a roomful of patients, doing things the nurses didn't have time for.

    And the parking… fortunately we had advice from an ex doctor who explained where the secret (unbarriered) entrance to the staff carpark was, and what times it wasn't checked…

  2. What a severe up and down for the family in so short a period. I've really enjoyed the podcasts and am tickled it's already Hugo-nominated.

    Best wishes to Emma. I've been struggling with health for so long and would never wish this sort of thing on such a sweet person.

    • Thanks John. Delighted that you've been enjoying the podcasts. We're surprised (in the best way :D) it's been nominated so young. I'll pass on your good wishes to Em. Having seen how tough it has been on her in the short term, you have my sympathies.

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