Life after NaNoWriMo (or Pete rambles on indulgently…)

I survived my first NaNoWriMo and now I’m going to talk about how I found it.

Is that the sound of running footsteps?

Uh, guys…guys? Anybody still here but me?


I’d totally understand if you decide to take a rain check on this post. It’s probably at the wrong end of the indulgence scale.

So the first thing that is that it wasn’t too hard writing every day. I quite like writing (you may have noticed) and I liked having the extra push to get things done. The problem was that I wasn’t able to postpone work, family life, the need to make my own food, etc but even that wasn’t too bad.

I chugged away trying not to be too much of a word bore and all was going to plan until in the last week a vomiting bug struck our household. I wasn’t physically sick myself (although my son threw up all over me at one point, which I’m storing away for the next time I write a horror) but I did get really ill and lost several days completely and did very little in others.

I began to fear that I would miss the deadline by a few thousand words.

It was, in a way, all very Hollywood, my body came through at the last minute to allow me a storming couple of days and an early finish.

Go me!

I felt a real sense of excitement as I neared the finish but, strangely, when I did actually finish it was a bit of an anti-climax. Perhaps it was the lack of booze or naked fans jumping around cheering my name or something but I’ve been left feeling a bit aimless. The other thing of course is that NaNo has given me half a book. Which is nice and everything but a long way from being finished.

I didn’t really use the forums and I didn’t even open most of my Nanomail. I’m sure they were great but it seemed to me I’d be better spent using the time for writing instead.

That’s the other thing, it turned me into a bit of a hermit online and I’ve only recently ventured out of my cave anyway.

Is he still talking?

Uh yes, this has gone on a bit now I look at it.

I know you should never say things like this but I doubt I’ll do NaNoWriMo again. In the end I’d rather work to my own schedule but I’m glad to have given it a go and I do feel (mildly) proud to have made it.

I’m really looking forward to finishing Mountainless 2. But I’d like to do that at the same time as catching up with you guys and writing better posts than this again!

2 responses to “Life after NaNoWriMo (or Pete rambles on indulgently…)

  1. Well done Pete!
    I thought about it, but in the end the time agenda issue bothered me too. Are you going to share the spoils with us?

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