New Project

In a previous post I mentioned turning my attention to a new project.

I had three ideas and then a fourth ambushed me from nowhere.

Two got shot down over coffee but two survived.

They had a fight and one now stands demanding to be written*.

This time round the fear is not around the ideas, the characters or the world. I’m very excited about them all. Rather it’s my ability to do them justice**. I feel like I’m going to have to grow a bit (in terms of knowledge) to make the story work.

Also there’s a part of me that want to hit the keyboard and just go for it! “Damn the details,” it says. “You can work them out later!” And there’s another part of me that wants to do lots of thinking and planning.

Regardless, I’ve made a start in both areas. A bit of research has found its way into my notebook and my first thousand words are done.


*Although it escaped, vowing to return later in the year.

**And names. There are lots and lots of names to sort out.

4 responses to “New Project

  1. How did two get shot down? Were you working out the ideas with friends or Emma?

    • They were both good concepts. But neither had came with a story attached. Em let me talk through the ideas with her. I find it really useful to let the ideas out of my head. Sometimes just the act of describing them helps me loads.

  2. You know, even your brainstorming seems to be more action-packed than entire novels I've written.

    I'm very curious to read the finished product now.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award. The blog post is here:

    • I'm only about a twentieth into the first draft so the 'finished product' is going to be a while. Your curiosity is much appreciated though. 🙂

      Thanks for the nomination, I'll check it out. I'm generally rubbish at responding to these but I do love getting them.

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