Normal Service is Resuming

After a five week internet fail, we're back online.

It's been really frustrating not being around. A result of having to wait for Sky, BT, Contractors and British Gas to coordinate with each other. I might rant about this in the near future.

I might not. *shrugs*

Anyway, it's lovely to be back.

6 responses to “Normal Service is Resuming

  1. One thing I don't miss about England…

    ….oh wait, we have all that bollocks here too. On a serious note, in the US it's perfectly normal for a cable company to not complete a deal with a studio. For instance the 'Dish Network' has not gotten deals with certain channels, I think AMC (Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad etc) and so on, and as such those customers who have 'Dish' can't even see AMC. Isn't that insane? Imagine if you weren't able to watch standard (1-5) TV in England and HAD to have SKY, and SKY didn't want to pay AMC or Paramount or MTV or someone, so you couldn't even watch those channels? It'd be bonkers, and it is!

    Anyway, no idea why I'm going on about this (also Comcast (cable company) owns NBC-Universal, which is like SKY owning ITV – totally cornering a control of the market), it's so weird and backwards.

    Eh, so, yeah… welcome back! 😉


  2. Glad to see you back Pete! And… You've been nominated! For more details see this post ! ^^

  3. Oh please can we have a rant? Or at least an account.

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