PeJaWriMo Results

In an earlier post I talked about wanting to get lots of writing done in January. So how did I do? Well my house is reaching critical levels of chaos and there are lots of things on my to-do list that have graduated from important to urgent.

I notice the book isn't finished.

Yes, about that…

Go on then, what’s the excuse?

Well, I’d set myself the task of finishing the first draft which involved writing about 50k. I actually wrote more like 24k in the end.

Yes, yes, we can all read the progress meter, what happened?

Real life for one thing, I hadn’t really factored it into my writing plan. Nor had I thought about editing. The Vagrant was problematic in this regard. I’d prewritten January’s episodes but when I came to edit it I realised that a couple of the episodes didn’t work and so I had to write new ones.

I’d also written a story for a competition but I’d only written a first draft. Turns out it was more of a basis for the actual story I ended up with three edits (that’s developmental edits btw) and a few line edits later. I am much happier with the results though.

Finally with the WIP, all was going well until I hit a block. I’d written myself into a corner and my budding instincts told me something was wrong. I heard that as ‘you can’t write anymore’. For most of a week I moped about thinking that I’d ‘lost it’ but now I can see that I just needed to untie some knots and reshape some earlier scenes. It was progress but I’m still the same distance from the finish line.

I am happy with what I’ve done over January but it still niggles me that I haven’t finished the first draft yet. There’s this nagging feeling that if I’d really wanted to, really worked, it would be done.

So now I’m going to try and finish it by the end of February! Though there are still Vagrant’s to write and an anthology I fancy trying for (that has to be done by the end of the month).

We won’t hold our breath then…

Probably best not to.

4 responses to “PeJaWriMo Results

  1. I still think 24k is damn impressive, especially on top of The Vagrant. I know I had a slow month, and I've seen a couple of other people mention January wasn't so good… chalk it up to the creeping darkness. But the darkness is receding, so hopefully our solar cells will all be fully supercharged and we'll be up to fighting General Zod* in no time.

    *Writing, I mean.

    • Thanks John. I think it's impressive too but because I didn't *finish* it that gets lost in general self-bashing. Now just need to do it again and the heady glow is mine (at least till editing starts…)

      Ah Zod, he was great. Although it's wise to never go back and revisit those Superman films. Trust me, it's better to just treasure the version you have in your head.

  2. Agreed on the Superman, same goes for Planet of the Apes o_O

    On January, I think yes, it's a bit of a wanky month. You think 'new year, new expectations!' Really though, it's just another month. The chaos doesn't wait until February, the crappy weather doesn't take a break to let you get settled in. It's just, GO GO GO. To an extent, you WENT WENT WENT – be proud of it, just a little (it's OK, you can still be a tortured artist). 😀

    • Phew! Because I like being proud of myself (there's a post coming soon where that's the focus, a kind of ode to narcissism) but I also like the image of the tortured artist (though being in slippers, snuggled under a blanket, this is hard to pull off sometimes.)

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