Pete's FantasyCon 2014

Last weekend we went to FantasyCon in York for fun and frolics.

York is a long way away*. Luckily Emma and I shared the journey there and back with Joanne Hall who came prepared with chocolate éclairs to get us through the dark times…

We arrived a day early which meant we were able to enjoy a little of the city, including the splendid Ghost Tour, which is run by a very dapper gentleman with top hat, cane and gorgeous voice who also happens to be the father of one Alasdair Stewart.

My, what a high ceiling this  room has.

My, what a high ceiling this room has.

Friday saw me doing a reading and moderating a podcasting panel with the lovely Stephen Aryan, Alasdair Stewart and Emma Newman. It was the first time Em and I were on a panel together and I’m happy to report that both dignity and marriage survived the encounter intact.


Lee Harris takes his duties as con organiser very seriously...

Lee Harris takes his duties as con organiser very seriously…


There was also Karaoke which featured more than its fair share of amazing performers**. Probably the less said about my involvement the better…


This picture is ripe for a caption competition.

This picture is ripe for a caption competition.






Saturday night was the first ever live Tea and Jeopardy show which I couldn’t have been happier with. Emma was amazing, Toby Whithouse (our guest) was a really good sport and the audience, well, they were simply splendid. Special thanks to Marguerite Kenner and the Redshirts who looked after us so well that night.***




Photos by the amazing Annie Catling

Photos by the amazing Annie Catling


Latimer also did the scoring for Just a Minute, hosted by Paul Cornell and featuring Kate Elliott, Stephen Gallagher, Gillian Redfearn and Frances Hardinge. They were absolutely brilliant.


And for the first time I got to attend Super Relaxed Fantasy Club! Despite the late hour it was packed with lovely people. Well done to the SRFC grand wizards Den Patrick and Jen Williams for organising and to those who read for our pleasure: Laura Lam, Edward Cox (whose new book The Relic Guild is out VERY soon!), Niel Bushnell and Emma Newman.

Sunday there was just time to see a couple of panels before going to the awards banquet and ceremony. I had a thoroughly good time at the former and thought that Paul Cornell did an excellent job of running the ceremony despite technical support that was so bad it was bordering on comic. Big congrats to all the 2014 winners!

In summary it was a great con****.


*About 240+ miles or 5 hours in a car.

**Juliet Mushens and Andrew Reid, I’m looking at you.

***And throughout the con. The Redshirts were amazing.

****There’s so much I haven’t said. Panels, readings, and Charlaine Harris’ voice! I could listen to her all day.


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    Sounds like a great time 🙂

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