Pseudopod puts on its Halloween Shorts!

*And she used this delightful picture to do it too. Still just as scary as it was in 2011.

A few years ago the marvellous Jen Williams started a tradition called Halloween shorts*, inviting various writers to contribute short, spooky stories once a year.

This year, Andrew Reid has taken on the job and gathered a mix of the scary and weird for your pleasure. It includes:

The Day The Words Took Shape by Francesca Haig

Juggernaut Revisited by Lou Morgan

The Anniversary by Den Patrick

Kraken Rising by Andrew Reid

Party at the Witch House by Richard Kellum

The Lake by the mysterious and elusive Severity Chase

The Biggest Candle of Them All by Peter Newman

And there’s more! This year the stories come in audio form**, courtesy of Alasdair Stuart and the Pseudopod team.

You can listen to them all here.



**Featuring the voice talents of: Alasdair Stewart, Wilson Fowlie, Dave Robison, Rikki La Coste, Siobhan Gallichan and Graeme Dunlop

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