Rikon 2017

*Emma was the guest of honour

I got to go to Rikon this year as the Guest of Dishonour* and had the best time.

Seriously. Croatian fandom is a beautiful thing. A bit like a large extended family, where everyone seems to know each other and are accepting of each other, warts and all. The same easy, fun, vibe seemed to permeate the convention itself.




There were some great vendors too, and while we may have spent too much money, we regret nothing! Special mention to Živko Kondić. If you like cool SFF artwork, his site is well worth a look.

Happy to have survived! (Igor, Tamara, Me and Emma)


As well as talks and presentations, there's quite a focus on quizzes, LARP, and games, and this year I got to have my first escape room experience in the Murder Tent! We had an extra level of difficulty as the clues were in Croatian and had to be translated by our fellow team members but we made it in the very last minute!

This was the view from our hotel. 😀




I strongly recommend you go if you get the chance. Rijeka is by the sea and is small enough that it's easy to walk to most places. It also features:

  • Beautiful views
  • Many places that serve great coffee
  • Excellent sea food
  • A gluten free bakery!
  • Medica (Booze with honey is the best booze)



But more than any of this, the thing that makes me want to go back is the feeling that I've made some new friends, and I'm already missing them.


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