Running Update

In my last post I was talking about writing plans. This week I’m talking about running.

It’s been a choppy year. I’ve had knee trouble and the odd cold and a lot of travelling and between them I’ve lost a lot of fitness. Again and again I’ve had to start building my fitness back up, chasing to get to the place I was at around March.

I lost a lot of confidence in my knee which seemed to keep giving out. I dropped out of a half marathon in April and was struggling to run for more than about fifteen minutes.

Things were not looking good until I made a discovery. I was poised to see a specialist and to consider changing the name of this site* when I realised that the problems had started on a long run just after I’d bought some new trainers.

I tried on my old trainers and voila, all is well! ** That's what I get for letting the Bean pick my new ones (he wanted me to get ones with green shiny bits).

I’ve built back up to 10K and, all being well, I think I’ll go for a half marathon in September. Anybody care to join me? ***


*The new one would be called: Write Pete, Write! I’d eat a lot more chocolate.

**Apart from my fitness, that’s still pretty ropey.

***Jose, Tom, Jack? I’m looking at you.

13 responses to “Running Update

  1. Hope you're taking care of those knees, Peter.

  2. Shoes make the runner. Glad to hear you are back to pounding the pavement. Reminds me, I should look at whether new shoes would help my own foot pain when exercising.

  3. Glad you discovered the shoe issue. Gets more and more difficult to stay in shape as we get older, right? Not sure how much longer I ccan play football. Best of luck out there and I hope the knee issues are a thing of the past.

    • It think that's true but as I only discovered the joy of exercise recently, I can't speak from experience.

  4. By the way, here's an award for you:
    Re the joy of exercise, better late than never!

  5. Hiya Peter, glad to hear that you're beating those fitness problems, knees can be easy to damage and difficult to repair.

    Take care mate. 🙂

  6. Glad to hear that the shoes solved the problem and that you are gaining your fitness again. I'd come for a run with you but I haven't ran in a long time, will a quick walk do? ^_^

  7. That is fascinating about the shoes — and the second story in a month I've heard about supposedly proper exercise shoes causing problems.

    I'm sorry that the shoes (and whatnot) have been interfering with your running, but hopefully it's all getting back on track from here.

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