September Madness! (Or The One Year Anniversary Blog Post)

This blog has been running about a year now and it seems that the tradition is to do something about it.

So here’s what I propose:

I’ll write whatever you want for a month.

Anybody who wants to get involved can leave a story idea in the comments section of this post by the end of the month and I’ll turn it into a story.

The rules are you can leave any kind of prompt you like, from something as general as a genre to a specific plot idea. Or if you prefer you can list some words to include or a line that must be said by one of the characters. All comers in all forms are welcome.

Every prompt will be turned into some kind of story. It might be a drabble, a flash, a short story or maybe something more. But I’ll write something for every single one. No ideas will be rejected*.

I’ll post stories on a Fridays. Suitable entries will go into FridayFlash.

Don’t be shy!

*Unless it’s really, really, really sick. And gratuitous. Or likely to get me arrested. Or divorced.


UPDATE (07/09/12): First story is up. 'Now You See It'. (Prompt from Mike and Liz Newman)

UPDATE (14/09/12): 'Dying Wish' is up. (Prompt from Rebecca Bohn)

UPDATE (21/09/12): 'Pointy Problem' is up. (Prompt from John Wiswell)

UPDATE (28/09/12) 'Missing Abi' (Part 1) is up. (Prompt from Dom Camus)

UPDATE (05/10/12) 'Missing Abi' (Part 2) is up. (Prompt from Ray Paterson)

UPDATE (30/11/12) 'Fat Cat in Cat Flap' is up. (Prompt from Tom Gillespie)

UPDATE (11/01/12) 'Limitless' is up. (Prompt from Aidan Fritz & John Xero)

UPDATE (08/02/13) 'Doe-eyed Dictators' is up. (Prompt from Catherine Russell)

25 responses to “September Madness! (Or The One Year Anniversary Blog Post)

  1. It's the 1700s, a plague has broken out, claiming the lives of much of the poor classes. An overseas adventuring dandy arrives on british shores with nothing but a pearl handled dagger and a request for help. 🙂

  2. A physicist invents a device that extracts energy from the flight of a soul leaving a body at the moment of death. Some moderate number of deaths a day will power a small city, at the cost of slowing each soul's passage into the next world.

  3. The lead character is around 11-13 years old and due to some chance event discovers that his/her best friend lives alone with no parent or guardian. Not wanting to get the friend in trouble or reveal knowledge of this secret, further investigation is carried out without anyone's knowledge… but what is going on turns out to be something even weirder than it first appears and our protagonist gets unwillingly drawn into events…

  4. Pete, would you be able to do something using this as a first line:

    Of course she was scared, this was the first time she had seen Abigail without a head.

    This was "borrowed" from a competition entry I wrote years ago. The name has been changed to protect the innocent.

  5. Well, happy blogaversary to you! ^_^

  6. After the accident he came to and tested his legs and arms, they were working fine also his tail was working well, hang on tail!! tail!! I don't have a tail.

  7. Our cat's on a diet.. she got stuck in her flap last week and we had to leave her there for a couple of days until she slimmed down and we were able to pull her out..

    Happy bloggy blog blog.. birthday

  8. 1. In a room with no windows and no doors, the head of an ancient order serves tea. (to whom? is the order good/evil?)

    2. Archimedes, last to know the gods, sits on a shelf in a shuttered toy shop. And then she comes in… (I thought of the mechanical owl first, then blended with Archimedes, and, well, you can just jumble things up however)

    "Jumble things up however" goes for any prompts I might offer. Feel free to disregard them if they don't call out to you. Also, I like owls. Good luck, Pete!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I picked this up just before bed last night and I've been chugging over an idea for your first prompt on either side of sleep. Should get it written today.

  9. I would very much appreciate a flash fiction about a unicorn that got itself stuck in a pencil sharpener and suffering panic attacks over how to dislodge the thing.

    Even if I don't get my wish, happy first anniversary, Pete! Keep running and writing.

  10. Happy anniversary, runpetewrite!

    So my prompt is a use of the word 'borderlands'. For obvious reasons. 😉

    Now whether you go for a more William Hope Hodgson supernatural approach, or a more blighted alien landscape approach, or something altogether different, is entirely up to you. I'd like to think both of our writings often inhabit borderlands of sorts. =)

    Here's to another year of great writing. Cheers, Pete. ^_^

  11. Congratulations on the blogoversary.

    My prompt would be a world where quantum mechanics applies to people (in particular the idea of superposition). I'm particularly thinking of weakly interpreting this in a way where people can overlap in the same space and time (possibly unless measured). What implications does this have for the world and culture? Bonus points for combining this into one of the previous prompts 😉

  12. You offered…

    In a world where giraffes rule mankind with iron hooves, one man dares to stand up, risk getting trampled, and fight for the right to free parking in non-designated safe zones…
    (I leave the rest to you.) 😀

  13. The first thing I thought of was of a story written backwards in time (like the movie Memento, or some of James Tiptree Jr.'s stories). So the reader starts at the result, and the reading is finding out how the heck things wound up that way. Might go with Aidan's idea.

  14. Well congrats on the anniversary. What a fun way to celebrate!

    Okay, my prompt is…

    In a world where bologna's first name isn't Oscar, but rather Janet (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty), an event takes place in a deli that makes everyone aware of an ongoing feud between the Rats and the Cockroaches whose origins are tied into some sort of Cracker Jack prize from the 80s and Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider issue 128.

    It's been fun, reading what you've done with these others prompts. Congrats again!

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