Still Running

This has been a strange year for running. I’ve had to relearn how to run (and to walk) so that I don’t put such a strain on my knee.

I was told if I wanted to run at all I had to do interval training with lots of stretching. The only thing is I hate interval training. You see, what I love most about running is the sense of freedom. Of just heading out and switching off. For me it’s the closest I get to meditating*. Thoughts come and go and my brain relaxes.

But interval training is about working very hard in short sharp bursts. It means I’m always thinking about the time and when I can catch my next break.

I’ve managed to keep running several times a week but I was doing the bare minimum and having to push myself to go out where previously it had been an active desire.

Then, a few weeks ago I had an idea. I’d try and do both. I’ve experimented running as I used to for 3-5k, then stretching and doing another 3-5k in short sharp bursts. So far it’s worked really well. I get to enjoy some of the old endorphin action and I’m (hopefully) strengthening my muscles and stretching them in order to support me in the future.

For the first time in ages I feel like I’m building fitness rather than losing it and there’s been no knee fatigue. Fingers crossed that stays the case.


*I’ve tried conventional meditation. It didn’t work. Although I can do a good meditating face.

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