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Tea and Jeopardy roundup – Hugos, live shows and big names!

If you keep up to date with Tea and Jeopardy using my blog, you have my sympathy! A combination of being away, technical issues and other distractions mean there's a lot to catch up on.

In episode 66 we went to the North Pole and had the fabulous Maurice Broaddus over for tea and cake.

In episode 67 we went to Doll Island with the delightful Sarah Day.

Last month we went to Helsinki for WorldCon 75 and did a special live show with George R(eally) R(eally) Martin! (Click here to see the video)


Chicken faces! (Photo by Sanna Pudas more photos available here)


















And we celebrated in episode 68.


Tea and Jeopardy, Hugo nominations and Sad Puppies

I’ll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can.

While I was away in Wales this weekend (at the marvellous Sci-Fi Weekender) it came to my attention that Tea & Jeopardy has been included in the Sad Puppy 4 Hugo Award recommendations list.

To be clear, I have never solicited the attention of this group, nor do I endorse it. I was not asked if Tea & Jeopardy could be included and I am told that requests to be taken off the list will be ignored. That said, I’d like Tea & Jeopardy to be taken off the Sad Puppies 4 list.

Why is this? Well, if individuals wish to nominate or vote for Tea & Jeopardy, that’s a wonderful thing, and I’m genuinely grateful, but it makes me uncomfortable when a group tries to alter or manipulate voting in any way.

If ever I win an award I wish it to be about the work itself and people’s enjoyment of it, nothing else.

I hope that my wishes will be respected in this matter.