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Tea and Jeopardy Advent Calendar 2014 – Day 5

Yes. We definitely needed beads here.

The fifth advent episode is now live. Today we receive gifts from our very first guest Chuck Wendig and Latimer demonstrates an unusual skill…

Listen to the episode on Geek Planet Online here!

To see the advent calendar page,click here.


Tea & Jeopardy Episode 5 – A chat with Dave Bradley

teaandjeopardy_300We’re onto episode five already and I’ve been a little remiss in shouting about the last four episodes. So far the intrepid Chuck Wendig (Ep1), Sarah Pinborough (Ep2), Paul Cornell (Ep3) and Jennifer Udden (Ep4) have found their way into the tea lair.

This week sees Dave Bradley (of SFX fame) on an airship, dealing with a robot butler and talking about Neil Gaiman, Iron Man 3 and the joy of the ZX Spectrum, among other things. Check it out here.

And, because nothing is perfect, here’s the link to the Episode 5 bloopers (warning: contains swearing.)


Tea & Jeopardy Podcast Coming Soon!

teaandjeopardy_300There’s a new podcast coming to town and I'm rather excited about it.

It’s called Tea & Jeopardy and invites you to join Emma Newman taking tea with a variety of guests in her secret lair.

It features light hearted banter, tea, cake and some mild peril.

Though Em is very much the captain of this ship it’s the first thing that we’ve written together and it’s already been a lot of fun to do.

Check out the promo here.

The guest for episode one is the awesome Chuck Wendig and will be up on the Geek Planet Online Network very, very soon!