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A quick update (and directions to a story)

I’ve been a bit quiet on the writing front these last few weeks. I’ve not been loafing, honest! It’s just that writing a novel seems to be a lot less sociable than writing flash fiction.

On the plus side I’ve got a story, ‘Marble’, being hosted over at John Xero’s place for his Xeroversary. Go check it out!

Vagrants, NaNoWriMo and Me

I’m joining the bandwagon and having a go at NaNoWriMo this year. I’m going to use it to write the first half of the sequel of the novel that I referred to in an earlier post.

The thing is I also wanted to produce flashes over November but I thought it would be too ambitious for me to do both. Then I had an idea, what if I prepared flashes in October and then released them over November (ok, you’d probably thought that already, but I was excited). So I sat down to do just that, wrote one flash, then another.

Good so far.

Then without really meaning to, I started writing a serial called ‘The Vagrant’. The first part of it will go up on Friday and I’m quite excited about it.

I also find it really hard to write. I think it’s because I’m unearthing a world that some deep part of me worked out ages ago but the rest of me is chipping away at, one sentence at a time. That and the style feels a little different from my normal one.

So, roll on Friday. And roll on November, I’m nearly ready for you!