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New photos and The Vagrant is going to Czech Republic!

214B0901 Two wonderful things have happened.

The first was that I had a photoshoot with Lou Abercrombie (aka @Ladygrimdark). As a result of this I have new author pics. It’s rare that I have a photo of myself that I like (at least any taken of me after the age of six) so credit to Lou that she made the whole experience fun and managed to catch my good side!

If you’re based anywhere near Bath, and need a picture, I’d highly recommend getting in touch.

The second thing was that my super-agent Juliet Mushens* has sold Czech rights to The Vagrant to Host! The idea that my book is going to be available in another country and will be translated and have its own cover is as unexpected as it is delicious!


*She really is super. And she’s just been shortlisted for the Literary Agent of the year award.