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Tea and Jeopardy roundup – Hugos, live shows and big names!

If you keep up to date with Tea and Jeopardy using my blog, you have my sympathy! A combination of being away, technical issues and other distractions mean there's a lot to catch up on.

In episode 66 we went to the North Pole and had the fabulous Maurice Broaddus over for tea and cake.

In episode 67 we went to Doll Island with the delightful Sarah Day.

Last month we went to Helsinki for WorldCon 75 and did a special live show with George R(eally) R(eally) Martin! (Click here to see the video)


Chicken faces! (Photo by Sanna Pudas more photos available here)


















And we celebrated in episode 68.


Tea and Jeopardy, Hugo nominations and Sad Puppies

I’ll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can.

While I was away in Wales this weekend (at the marvellous Sci-Fi Weekender) it came to my attention that Tea & Jeopardy has been included in the Sad Puppy 4 Hugo Award recommendations list.

To be clear, I have never solicited the attention of this group, nor do I endorse it. I was not asked if Tea & Jeopardy could be included and I am told that requests to be taken off the list will be ignored. That said, I’d like Tea & Jeopardy to be taken off the Sad Puppies 4 list.

Why is this? Well, if individuals wish to nominate or vote for Tea & Jeopardy, that’s a wonderful thing, and I’m genuinely grateful, but it makes me uncomfortable when a group tries to alter or manipulate voting in any way.

If ever I win an award I wish it to be about the work itself and people’s enjoyment of it, nothing else.

I hope that my wishes will be respected in this matter.

MegazordCon (aka Nine Worlds 2014 and Loncon3) Part 2

Here’s the belated follow up to part 1 as I got a little distracted by other things yesterday.

As you may have heard, Nine Worlds 2014 was a lovely convention. Full to the brim with a wide variety of things to do (from geeky crafts, to geeky food, to Waterdancing classes, to books and films and makes room for a bit of real science too!) all tied together with bows of inclusiveness and ribbons of fun.

I got to meet lots of new people, went to a brilliant talk about Black Holes*, did my first public reading of The Vagrant, and met the Goblin King.

In fact, the event was pretty much perfect so long as we don’t talk about the food prices or the lack of service in certain parts of the hotel…

Regardless, I’ve booked to go back next year, and by the sounds of it, so have a lot of other folks. And I’m already looking forward to it!

I used to think of Nine Worlds as a large convention but that changed when I went to the Excel Centre for Loncon3. It was huge! Like Death Star huge. Even the ten thousand or so attendees didn’t manage to clutter the place. Everything I went to was well attended, and whenever a big name was involved, people were packing every available space.

I had minimal commitments during the convention which meant that I spent most of the time talking to people, catching up with old friends, making new ones and generally failing to go anywhere I’d planned to go. And it was glorious!

Between the marathon bouts of socialising, I had my first panel, was interviewed on camera, and had a great time at the new peoples greeting session on the Friday, which was packed for two hours with people making friends. Lovely.

The Hugos are classy. You even get a fancy ribbon if you lose!

The Hugos are classy. You even get a fancy ribbon if you lose!

And there was the Hugo awards. They were amazing. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed to dress up for anything and I must admit I rather enjoyed doing it again. Our category was announced early so we didn’t have to stew for too long. We didn’t win but we came fourth! Not bad for a podcasting whippersnapper.

I have to say, that I was really proud of the results. Every winner was deserving, every speech dignified (and sometimes funny) and overall, the message was one of inclusivity.

Yay us!


*I'm now pretty sure they do exist.

Hospitals, Hugos and episode 18 of Tea and Jeopardy

As you may already know Em had to go into hospital recently, came out and then went back again with a post op fever. Because of this I’ve spent a lot of time going to and from hospital.*

This has largely sucked.

A few things I noticed. The staff were generally excellent and doing a fine job, especially considering how few of them there were! The shortages were really noticeable when there was any problem that wasn’t urgent. And even urgent needs were slow to be met sometimes.** But to stay on the positive, the doctors and nurses were clearly doing their best and were always reasonable, patient and kind.

Constantly having to pay money to park when I never knew how long I’d need began to irk me. It just seems wrong to have to pay to park at the hospital. I see why it’s necessary of course, but still.

Also, the hospital was woeful at providing gluten free options. One time all Em got was the fish option without the fun bits and another time she was given a gluten free ham roll*** that only provided 50 calories and that was supposed to be an evening meal.

In other news…

<Takes deep breath>

Tea and Jeopardy has been nominated for a Hugo award in the best fancast category!

This is amazing and both Emma and I are as delighted as we are surprised. Big thanks to everyone who got us nominated. It’s especially flattering given how high quality the competition is.

Also, on the subject of saying thank you, our Patreon campaign is nearly at its next milestone and it’s a particularly fun one. Fingers crossed we make it soon. If you’re interested, the link is here.

Given the madness mentioned earlier I’ve been a little lax mentioning Episode 18: A chat with Emma Vieceli. It’s a great episode that includes amateur dramatics, comic illustration and the power of doilies. Check it out here.


*And a trip to Bristol Zoo for the Bean’s birthday. He’s 7 now. Where does the time go, eh?

**One woman was due results to urgent tests within 30 mins. They were  sent of at 3.45pm. She still hadn't received them at 10.00pm.

***If you haven’t ever eaten one, it tastes a bit like cardboard.