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Sci-Fi Weekender – Where I'll be and how to win books (if you're going too)

SFW7_Last_day_passesBlimey, it’s the Sci-Fi weekender this week. It’s my first time there and I’m really hoping that I’ll get a chance to meet Brian Blessed. If you’re going too, read on for details of what I’m doing and a chance to win books!





Friday 18th March.

11.00am Meet and Greet (Owner’s Lounge)

12.00pm Q&A with Reading (Starbucks/Author zone)

1.30pm Dystopia – As good as it used to be? (Starbucks/Author Zone)

4.30 Writing the Inhuman: Demons/Monsters/Mages (Starbucks/Author Zone)

Saturday 19th March

11.00am Meet and Greet (Owner’s Lounge)

12.30pm When Does Horror Become Fantasy? (Main Void)

1.30pm Psychological Versus Visceral  (Starbucks/Author Zone)

3.15pm Publishing Today – Getting You Work Out there. (Starbucks/Author Zone)

5.30pm Just a Minute*. (Main Void)


Competition time!

If you’re going to the Sci-Fi Weekender and want to win a signed copy of The Vagrant or Landfall all you have to do is attend any of the programme items above and ask me the question: “Am I the First?” If you’re the first person to ask me that, you win. Simple!**


*I've not done this before so quite nervous. And I'm sure nothing bad will come of the fact that I'm competing against Emma…

**Bonus points if you do it in the questions section of any of my panels/items.

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2013


That is all.**


*Aside from the hotel room key cards that constantly had to be renewed at reception and the overpriced bar.

**Although if I was pushed I’d talk about things like:

  • Just a Minute. (So funny!)
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky. (He’s lovely!)
  • The amazing staff. (Ever friendly and helpful and so up for helping us out with the Split Worlds game.)
  • How welcoming it all was.
  • Paul Cornell. (For being such a good sport.)
  • The Geek Feminism track.
  • The agents and editors on the publishing panel. (For convincing me of their humanity!)
  • The Marines and their pet alien.
  • Meeting Ian Whates. (One of the nicest people in the world.)