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Tea and Jeopardy Episode 14 – A chat with Melinda Snodgrass

teaandjeopardy_300What with new houses, Christmas and New Year madness* I’ve been late to the party here. If you missed this episode amidst your own festive chaos, it’s well worth checking out.

Here's the link.

Melinda Snodgrass comes to the tea lair which is a big deal for Em as Melinda is something of a hero to her. They talk about Hollywood, horses, writing and Star Trek.

This episode also features time travel and chickens.


*Oh alright then. We started playing Minecraft.

Tea and Jeopardy 13 – A chat with Adrian Tchaikovsky

teaandjeopardy_300This week Emma invites Adrian Tchaikovsky into the tea lair. They discuss writing, sword fighting, the European martial arts system, law and the possible rpg modifiers for Adrian's beard.

This episode may feature pirates.

You can listen to it here.