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Octocon 2015 – Where I'll be

I’m delighted to say I’m going to Octocon this year. I'm also delighted to say that Emma is one of the Guests of Honour!

If you’re going and want to say hello, read on to find out where I’ll be and how you can win a copy of The Vagrant.

Saturday 10th October

12pm Writing RPGs – Roll 20 for Intrigue (With: Gareth Kavanagh, Matty Mc Mahon, Ian Paul Power, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Peter Newman)

We have gathered various kinds of game writers to talk about the challenges of having an audience inside the story as you are writing it.

1pm Getting Unstuck (Workshop)

A workshop for any writers who are stuck with a project. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or an established writer, at chapter 1 or 100: as long as you have a project you can bring to the group, Peter will try to help you move forward with it.

3pm Has Storytelling in Computer Games Stagnated? (With: Leeann Hamilton, Gerry McEvoy, Rob  McGregor, Peter Newman, Maura McHugh)

With the video game markets dominated by perennial releases are we looking into a bleak future for storytelling in video games?

4pm Aural Fiction (With: Peadar Ó Guilín, Dave Ferguson, Emma Newman, Peter Newman, Roger Gregg)

We have seen a return to listening to stories, having a story told to you is a delight which stretches back to when we first huddled together by the fire. We are now in a world where audio books are released the same day as ebooks and physical copies.

6pm Tea and Jeopardy Live Show!

C.E. Murphy comes to visit Emma in the Tea Lair. Expect tea, cake and mild peril!

Sunday 11th October

4pm Readings (With: Emma Newman, Peter Newman, Ruth F. Long)

Competition time!

If you’re going to Octocon and want to win a signed copy of The Vagrant all you have to do is attend any of the programme items above and ask me the question: “Am I the First?” If you’re the first person to ask me that, you win. Simple!*

*Bonus points if you do it in the questions section of one of my panels.