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The Vagrant has its own page!

The Vagrant has its own page on the blog! Go look!*

And it is now available for pre-order. Many thanks to those of you who have already signed up for a copy. I love you all.



BristolCon Fringe Reading

On Monday the 19th of January, Emma and I are doing a reading at the BristolCon Fringe. It starts at 7.30 and includes bits from both of our new books* and a (hopefully!) nice relaxed Q and A session afterwards.

The event takes place at: The Shakespeare Tavern, 68 Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QD

There’s a facebook event page for it here if you like to sign up to things in advance.

It’d be lovely to see you!



Pete's 2014

2014 has been an odd year. There have been several bereavements, quite a bit of time doing hospital visits, several members of the family getting bad news and a load of stress in my general vicinity.

Personally though, I’ve been fine.

And the year was not without its highlights. Here’s a few of them:


The other joy was getting to meet so many new people at conventions and see familiar faces. This year has also seen a deepening of one or two relationships into really good new friendships, something I find increasingly rare as I get older.


*This is literally one of the BEST THINGS EVER.


The Vagrant Cover Artist Reveal!

On Friday the cover for The Vagrant went up on the wonderful Fantasy Faction. I've been absolutely delighted with the response and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the incredibly talented Jamie Jones for doing such a fine job. Jaime has done work for an amazing list of clients, including: Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Bungie, NCSoft, Blizzard, National Geographic,  Penguin books and Harper Voyager.

I must admit I had a little squee when I found out he'd worked on some of the concept art for Destiny.

It's well worth paying a visit to his blog.

So thanks, Jaime. You (and your art) are awesome!

If you haven't yet popped over to Fantasy Faction, they've got a wonderful article there about the Vagrant and a competition to win an ARC. But hurry, time is running out (at time of writing you have about 4 days left)!


Cover art by Jaime Jones

Unexpected ARC arrival coherence lose causes Pete to

I can't show you the cover yet, but here's it's beautifully formed back and spine.

I can't show you the cover yet, but here's it's beautifully formed back and spine.

I had to stay in today because I’m waiting for a delivery. It hasn't arrived yet* but, in a rather unexpected surprise, my ARC’s** for The Vagrant have!

The time immediately following that was a little fuzzy but I'm back now.

Here’s a picture to celebrate!





***Advance Review Copies

New photos and The Vagrant is going to Czech Republic!

214B0901 Two wonderful things have happened.

The first was that I had a photoshoot with Lou Abercrombie (aka @Ladygrimdark). As a result of this I have new author pics. It’s rare that I have a photo of myself that I like (at least any taken of me after the age of six) so credit to Lou that she made the whole experience fun and managed to catch my good side!

If you’re based anywhere near Bath, and need a picture, I’d highly recommend getting in touch.

The second thing was that my super-agent Juliet Mushens* has sold Czech rights to The Vagrant to Host! The idea that my book is going to be available in another country and will be translated and have its own cover is as unexpected as it is delicious!


*She really is super. And she’s just been shortlisted for the Literary Agent of the year award.

Feeling good! (Or why I haven't been around much)

Despite the title of a recent blog post, normal service has not resumed. This time Sky (and BT and contractors and the Gas people) are off the hook.

It was part Christmas and part work but in the main I’ve been obsessively writing and, even though it was really hard* and even though it took a lot longer than I wanted it to…

I’ve finished the first draft of the Vagrant!

This is without doubt the hardest thing I’ve written so far and I’m very excited** about it! I’ve even been singing a song from the Southpark movie around the house.***

Anyway, normal service will now resume****, along with some editing of Grand Theft Hero, hopefully to go to beta readers relatively early next year.


*In a really good way. It’s nice to stretch.

**As excited as repressed English people get anyway.

*** “I’m Super.” (If you’re wondering).

**** No promises.

Revised writing plans, a quick plug and the problems of housing an unruly goat.

I’ve not written a Friday Flash this week but I do have a story, Dismissed, over at the wonderful John Xero’s 101 Fiction site.

This year I was planning to enter lots of short story competitions and generally put myself about. Back in February I found a host of anthologies and competitions that looked interesting and made a list which became a plan of action.

The plan never actually saw action as I discovered that I didn’t feel like writing short stories, I wanted to write another book. It’s called Grand Theft Hero and, so far, I’m enjoying it much more than I’m not. The new plan is to focus on the first draft.

Oh and I’ve got this goat* lying around the house…

The first chapter of the Vagrant has come to a close and I’ve got to decide what to do now. It’s been an odd experience for me writing it. Normally I have an idea for a story and then I tell it but with the Vagrant the idea was buried deep in my head and it felt like I had to be patient and trust that it was there while chipping away each week. Gradually the larger arc emerged and now I can stand back and appreciate the overall structure (even if there are a lot of nooks that still need exploring).

At some point I’ve started to think that maybe, just maybe, the Vagrant has got legs. That maybe I could work on it and, one day, publish it.

That’s going to mean a lot of work. For starters it’s currently set up as a serial and I’d like to turn it into a series of novellas. That means pacing issues, plotting changes, and probably a lot of other unglamorous stuff.

I’ve been very lucky to have such supportive readers and there are a lot of criticisms that need reflecting and acting on. So to that end I’m going to let it rest for a while, have a break from that world and then take it off the blog for a serious reworking**.

Eventually I’ll need Beta readers*** and I’m particularly interested in folk who’ve already read the first incarnation so if you’d be interested, let me know.


*Imaginary (no I don’t really own a goat)

**If you’re still catching up, you’ve got about two weeks left.

***Ideally an impossible crossbreed of cheerleader and critic.

The Plan or PeJaWriMo

In November I wrote 50K towards the first draft of ‘The Mountainless Book 2’. Then I stalled a bit. In December I wrote…er…about a thousand words.

So what did you do with your time?

Good question. Apart from the whole Christmas thing I managed to keep up with my serial (The Vagrant), I wrote a short story for Fantasy Faction (it’s called ‘A Royal Winter’, and voting will open soon, so I’d appreciate it if you stopped by) and I’ve written an entry for the James White Award (there’s still time to enter if you fancy). I also killed a lot of dragons and became head of the Mages College in Winterhold but that’s another story.

Overall that’s not too shabby but there’s still an issue about half a book not written.

Indeed, so I’ve come up with a plan. It sadly has nothing to with Cylons. I’m planning to get as close as I can to finishing the first draft by the end of the month by repeating my November experience, a kind of ‘Peter’s January Writing Month’ or ‘PeJaWriMo’.

To this end I’ve spent the last week pre-writing The Vagrant to cover me through most of January and plan to get back to the book tomorrow, just after we’ve finished redecorating.

I’ll keep updating my progress (or lack of it) on the word counter to your right.

Vagrants, NaNoWriMo and Me

I’m joining the bandwagon and having a go at NaNoWriMo this year. I’m going to use it to write the first half of the sequel of the novel that I referred to in an earlier post.

The thing is I also wanted to produce flashes over November but I thought it would be too ambitious for me to do both. Then I had an idea, what if I prepared flashes in October and then released them over November (ok, you’d probably thought that already, but I was excited). So I sat down to do just that, wrote one flash, then another.

Good so far.

Then without really meaning to, I started writing a serial called ‘The Vagrant’. The first part of it will go up on Friday and I’m quite excited about it.

I also find it really hard to write. I think it’s because I’m unearthing a world that some deep part of me worked out ages ago but the rest of me is chipping away at, one sentence at a time. That and the style feels a little different from my normal one.

So, roll on Friday. And roll on November, I’m nearly ready for you!