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Bristolcon 2013

I’ve wanted to go to Bristolcon for a while now but have been cruelly denied by work for the last two years. So it was a real delight to be able to go to the 2013’s event.

There was a full programme and I was impressed with how tightly organised the whole thing was. All the panels seemed to run to time and the staff were both efficient and approachable throughout. I’m gradually starting to understand how much time, love and effort goes into these things so a big thank you to everyone who helped make it work.

Some quick highlights:

-Listening to readings by Philip Reeve*, Mary Robinette Kowal** and Ian Whates***

-Fanboying at Philip and Mary

-Getting to meet Gareth (and Becky) Powell in a non-digital format

-Chatting quite a lot about roleplaying with David Roger and hearing about the legendary ‘day of meat’. (Apologies to our third musketeer, I didn’t log your name but did appreciate your love of Zelazny!)

-Listening to Mark Buckingham spectacularly fail to list all of his current projects in 30 seconds (he has a lot on!)

-The spontaneous cheer when Emma was announced as one of next year’s guests of honour

All in all it was a lovely event and I will definitely be going back.


*Who is a thoroughly lovely chap. I’d happily take him home for tea.

**Who is just as cool on panels as she is on podcasts. I’d happily have her over for tea too.

***Who remains one of the nicest men in the world. What the hell, I’d have him over for tea as well!

Edge Lit 2

This weekend I went to Edge Lit 2 in Derby*. It was my first convention. I must admit I was quite excited about going and a little nervous. I’d heard good things but you never know if you’re going to fit in or not with new groups.

First off there were loads of lovely people. Everyone was friendly and it was nice to be in a crowd where it was people who hadn’t played D&D that were in the minority.

There were lots of panels to watch, workshops to attend, a dealers room, a quiz and the most edgy raffle I’ve ever seen.

It was great meeting twitter folk in the flesh and  getting to chat with writers whose books I’d read and enjoyed** as well as discover new ones*** who I’ll be adding to the reading list.

And of course I got to see Em do her thing (being awesome). Which was lovely.

A good time seemed to be had by all and now I’m even more excited about going to Nine Worlds in August. Hurrah!


*I also went and saw Pacific Rim but it’s way too soon for another rant.

**Anne Lyle! Adam Christopher! Jennifer Williams!

***Mike Carey! Adrian Tchaikovsky! Lou Morgan! Gav Thorpe!