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Tea and Jeopardy 10 – A chat with Lauren Beukes

teaandjeopardy_300This week Lauren Beukes joins Emma in the Tea Lair to talk about dicombobulation, zombies and world domination. Also features mild undersea peril. You can  listen to it here.

I think there is also the longest blooper reel ever for this episode! We’re getting worse (or having more fun) as we go along. Here's part 1. And part 2. Warning: there is swearing and we embarrass ourselves.

By coincidence I’m reading The Shining Girls at the moment (about half way at time of posting) and am happy to report that it’s brilliant. Reading it reminds me of a swan. It glides along looking beautiful but under the surface there’s a ton of work going on that we don’t really see.

The Joys of a Chin Up Gym

Not so long ago we went to visit some old friends of ours to catch up and generally have a lovely time. While I was there, in addition to eating well and visiting the Science Museum and appreciating the cool people I grew up with, a couple of things stuck in my head*.

Thing number 1:

We took our children to the local park and, presented with an adventure playground on a sunny day, I was possessed of a sudden urge to try all of the obstacles to see if I’ve ‘still got it’.

The truth is, as a computer gaming, role playing, sportophobe I’d never had ‘it’ in the first place. But that didn’t stop me from having a go.

These days I’m reasonable fit** but I don’t do much exercise for my upper body, consequently I was given a good shoeing by the monkey bars. For some reason this bothers me.

Thing number 2:

A very athletic friend of mine was talking to a… (Hmm how to phrase without offending) … moderately athletic friend of mine about the virtues of a chin up bar and it transpired that the moderately athletic friend was getting one.

Put them together and:

I want one.

This is part midlife crisis, part desire to use my body better, part need to return and give the monkey bars what for. It’s also a little bit of: “They’ve got one so I want one!”

And, after my very athletic friend told me how cheap they were, I got one.

The result:

I love it.

I’ve already pulled a muscle. I grunt and sweat in the most graceless fashion when I use it but it’s great. It’s really cool using muscles I don’t normally use. It’s been a great relief to discover my biceps*** for example.

I don’t really like going to the gym and I’m not interested in weight training but being able to lift my own body off the floor is cool and strikes me as useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.****


*Not literally. That would be awful. Ow!

**Probably the fittest I’ve ever been in my life (though the bar is set pretty low).

***Bless them.

****I’ve seen walking zombies on the TV and even running zombies but climbing zombies? No way.