Tea and Jeopardy 10 – A chat with Lauren Beukes

teaandjeopardy_300This week Lauren Beukes joins Emma in the Tea Lair to talk about dicombobulation, zombies and world domination. Also features mild undersea peril. You can  listen to it here.

I think there is also the longest blooper reel ever for this episode! We’re getting worse (or having more fun) as we go along. Here's part 1. And part 2. Warning: there is swearing and we embarrass ourselves.

By coincidence I’m reading The Shining Girls at the moment (about half way at time of posting) and am happy to report that it’s brilliant. Reading it reminds me of a swan. It glides along looking beautiful but under the surface there’s a ton of work going on that we don’t really see.

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