Tea and Jeopardy Advent Calendar Competition!

Have you ever listened to the show and thought: “I wish I could pick a song to be sung by the chickens”?

If the answer to that question is yes then we have the perfect Christmas competition for you!

Each advent episode starts with a quote from a well-known* film. If you can correctly identify the film we used for each episode then your name will be entered into the Tea Pot of Fortune where one lucky winner will be picked to have the song of their choice chickenised. The winner will be announced in the first Tea and Jeopardy Episode of 2015.

There are 25 in total.

When you think you’ve got them all, put your answers in the following format:

  1. Romancing the Stone.
  2. Mars Attacks.
  3. Robot Jox
  4. Etc
  5. Etc

And send them to www.enewman.co.uk/contact-me

All answers must be with us by January 5th 2015. If you need to catch up with old episodes by going to the advent calendar page, click here.

Good luck!


*To us anyway

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