Tea and Jeopardy, Hugo nominations and Sad Puppies

I’ll try and keep this as short and to the point as I can.

While I was away in Wales this weekend (at the marvellous Sci-Fi Weekender) it came to my attention that Tea & Jeopardy has been included in the Sad Puppy 4 Hugo Award recommendations list.

To be clear, I have never solicited the attention of this group, nor do I endorse it. I was not asked if Tea & Jeopardy could be included and I am told that requests to be taken off the list will be ignored. That said, I’d like Tea & Jeopardy to be taken off the Sad Puppies 4 list.

Why is this? Well, if individuals wish to nominate or vote for Tea & Jeopardy, that’s a wonderful thing, and I’m genuinely grateful, but it makes me uncomfortable when a group tries to alter or manipulate voting in any way.

If ever I win an award I wish it to be about the work itself and people’s enjoyment of it, nothing else.

I hope that my wishes will be respected in this matter.

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