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Tea and Jeopardy – index of episodes

Tea and Jeopardy is part of the Geek Planet Online network and released every fortnight. It’s written by Emma and Peter Newman and hosted by Emma, who also edits and produces each episode.

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Episode 01 – Chuck Wendig faces the volcano

Episode 02 – Sarah Pinborough battles tidal forces

Episode 03 – Paul Cornell and the mechanical monstrosity

Episode 04 – Jennifer Udden and restless natives

Episode 05 – Dave Bradley and the leap of faith

Episode 06 – Karina Cooper negotiates the labyrinth

Episode 07–  Gareth L. Powell and the deep space encounter

Episode 08 – Frances Hardinge and the Himalayan threat

Episode 09 – Mike Underwood and a case of mistaken identity

Episode 10 – Lauren Beukes and the perilous sea

Episode 11 – Joe Abercrombie and the deep, dark woods

Episode 12 – Mary Robinette Kowal and the unwanted dinner date

Episode 13 – Adrian Tchaikovsky and the pirates

Episode 14 – Melinda Snodgrass and the troublesome hat

Episode 15 – Myke Cole navigates the seas of social expectation

Episode 16 – Seanan McGuire takes tea in London one hundred years in the future

Episode 17 – Adam Christopher starts with tea in a houseboat then combats villainy

Episode 18 – Emma Viecelli and the abandoned house

Episode 19 – A birthday special featuring cake and bloopers

Episode 20 – James Moran doesn’t take any prisoners

Episode 21 – Mur Lafferty faces a dastardly foe 

Episode 22 – Professor Elemental hosts tea in his manor, but what is in the basement?

Episode 23 – Aliette de Bodard almost meets her doom but not in Doomish…

Episode 24 – Ramez Naam is mistaken for prey

Episode 25 – N.K. Jemisin and the AI a little too dedicated to its job

Episode 26 – John Hornor Jacobs is saved by something unexpected

Episode 27 – Gail Carriger is accidentally embroiled in a long-running battle 

Special Episode! – A (live!) chat with Toby Whithouse

Episode 28 – Juliet Mushens fights tooth and claw for survival

Episode 29 – Drew Karpyshyn almost meets a watery end

Tea and Jeopardy Advent Calendar 2014!

Episode 30 – Francesca Haig finds peril in the desert

Episode 31 – Kieron Gillen and the hedge maze of polite peril

Episode 32 – Catherynne Valente is tempted by a mysterious box

Episode 33 – Alan Baxter faces a foe on a mysterious tropical island

Episode 34 – Blooper Reel of Gratitude +5

Episode 35 – Sarah McIntyre and Kevin visit the Chequered Palace

Episode 36 – Peter Newman is led astray by a suspiciously placed Yorkshire Pudding

Episode 37 – Kameron Hurley faces a deadly question

Episode 38 – Patrick Rothfuss steps back in time

Episode 39 – Victoria Schwab meets a tentacle headed gentleman

Episode 40 – Peter V Brett faces a glittery peril

Episode 41 – Sophia McDougall is ambushed in the desert

Episode 42 – Taran Matharu and the gnomes

Episode 43 – Fran Wilde and the mermaid

Episode 44 – Philip Reeve, pugs and the waxworks

Bonus Episode – Live Tea and Jeopardy at Octocon 2015 with C.E. Murphy

Bonus Episode – Live Tea and Jeopardy at FantasyCon 2015 with Brandon Sanderson

Episode 45 – Danie Ware and the unreliable clouds

Episode 46 – Tom Brown and the angry angel

Tea and Jeopardy Advent Calendar 2015!

Episode 47 – Natasha Bardon and the heavily armed homeowner

Episode 48 – James Goss and the chocolate factory

Episode 49 – Cavan Scott and the giant's kitchen

Episode 50 – Charlie Jane Anders and the mystery of crop circles

Episode 51 – Emma has an adventure

Episode 52 – Maura McHugh and the demonic cows

Episode 53 – Sebastien de Castell and the performance of a lifetime

Episode 54 – Kate Elliot and the other dimension

Episode 55 – James Oswald and the dragon

Episode 56 – Anna Mazzola and the cartoon capers

Episode 57 – Jason Arnopp and the broken phone

Episode 58 – The Special Alfie Award episode

Episode 59 – Zen Cho does not feed the plants

Episode 60 – John Gwynne and the airlock incident

Episode 61 – Marieke Nijkamp and the unusual graveyard

Tea and Jeopardy Advent Calendar 2016!

Tea and Jeopardy January 2017 blooper reel

Episode 62 – Chris Lunt meets some Murlocks

Episode 63 – Jen Williams and the magical pub

Episode 64 – Dave Hutchinson and the not very interesting library

Episode 65 – Robin Hobb and the flying crockery

Episode 66 – Maurice Broaddus and the polar bear

Episode 67 – Sarah Day and the island of the dolls

Bonus episode – Live Tea and Jeopardy at WorldCon 75 with George R(eally) R(eally) Martin

Episode 68 – Special Hugo Award Episode

Episode 69 – Ken Liu and the riddling footman

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