The Plan or PeJaWriMo

In November I wrote 50K towards the first draft of ‘The Mountainless Book 2’. Then I stalled a bit. In December I wrote…er…about a thousand words.

So what did you do with your time?

Good question. Apart from the whole Christmas thing I managed to keep up with my serial (The Vagrant), I wrote a short story for Fantasy Faction (it’s called ‘A Royal Winter’, and voting will open soon, so I’d appreciate it if you stopped by) and I’ve written an entry for the James White Award (there’s still time to enter if you fancy). I also killed a lot of dragons and became head of the Mages College in Winterhold but that’s another story.

Overall that’s not too shabby but there’s still an issue about half a book not written.

Indeed, so I’ve come up with a plan. It sadly has nothing to with Cylons. I’m planning to get as close as I can to finishing the first draft by the end of the month by repeating my November experience, a kind of ‘Peter’s January Writing Month’ or ‘PeJaWriMo’.

To this end I’ve spent the last week pre-writing The Vagrant to cover me through most of January and plan to get back to the book tomorrow, just after we’ve finished redecorating.

I’ll keep updating my progress (or lack of it) on the word counter to your right.

6 responses to “The Plan or PeJaWriMo

  1. A good plan and one I will probably emulate. I look forward to reading about your progress – good luck and enjoy!

  2. You put me to shame Pete.. I'm falling way behind on everything I can think of at the mo..

    • Well thanks although you might change your mind when you read the book! *cough* If you don't mind reading the book that is…

  3. So, 25 days in. How is it going? 😉

    Falling off the writing wagon seems to be a common occurance, in fact I tend to spend the entirety of me free time running after it.


    • Not quite as good as I originally planned. I'm planning to do a post detailing my January adventures (or lack of them) next week.

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