The Seven

Cover by Jaime Jones

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Years have passed since the Vagrant journeyed to the Shining City, Vesper in arm and Gamma's sword in hand.

Since then the world has changed. Vesper, following the footsteps of her father, journeyed to the breach and closed the tear between worlds, protecting the last of humanity, but also trapping the infernal horde and all those who fell to its corruptions: willing or otherwise.

In this new age, it is Vesper who leads the charge towards unity and peace, with seemingly nothing standing between the world and a bright new future.

That is, until eyes open.

And The Seven awaken.


And here's more reviews and comments:

'With The Seven, Peter Newman brings the Vagrant's story to a triumphant close.' – A Fantastical Librarian

'All in all, The Seven is the perfect ending in a series that doesn't only stand out, but may as well be the starting point in a new trope of fantasy.' – BookNest

'It’s no mean feat for the ending of a trilogy to make you want to buy the first book all over again.' – Fantasy Faction

'As the book consumes you – and trust me that is the way it works yet again – you find yourself sympathetic to all sides.' – Geeks of Doom

'There’s some absolutely storming battle scenes, kinetically, gracefully, bloodily and uncompromisingly written. There’s scenes of love and affection to warm the heart, and some betrayals which threaten to break it.  This is a story of a world being brought together, and of different visions for the way that world will rebuild. It’s complicated, captivating stuff – but Newman’s liquid prose makes it a great read.' – Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

'This book is not going down without a fight (well a few) and I was wolfing them up.' – Dark-Readers

'…its bold, intelligent and creative fiction with a great story and even greater cast – absolutely fantastic.' – SF Book

'… I dare any reader to not enjoy and not be utterly drawn in by his world and the people who inhabit it.' – Parmenion Books

'…a taut, beautifully told story.' – Blue Book Balloon

'Amateurs de dialogues muets, de chèvres et de monstres dégueux, réjouissez-vous.' (Translation: Lovers of silent dialogues, goats and devilish monsters, rejoice) – L'ours inculte

'A fabulous ending to a brilliant trilogy.' – Rapture in Books