It's strange writing this. Exciting but strange. This is a blog about lots of things, writing and running obviously but also about trying to find my voice, creatively and otherwise and all things connected to that journey.

I don’t have trouble speaking, far from it, but I do struggle to be honest, especially when it comes to difficult or negative things.

Most of my life I've pootled along, vaguely content but not really doing things for me, things that I wanted. This was mainly because I didn’t have a clue what I wanted. In fact I didn’t even know to ask the question until relatively recently.

However I have now discovered two things that I actively want to do, even when there is no financial reward or external threat for not doing it. Three if you count this blog.

So if you like reading fiction, being creative, going for a run or discussing issues of identity, gender or personal growth then feel free to stop by and chat.

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